How to help your Children to Return Back to School Smoothly

" Back to School Transition can be a challenging period for young children and parents as children are feeling unsafe after so many months of online lessons and homeschooling"


How to Help your Children to Return Back to School

I will try to keep this article short and simple as I don’t want to overwhelm you with information.

For those parts of the world that schools open by the end of August and early days of September there is time to prepare the ground.

The first step you can take is start preparing your children for this transition by discussing with them while you probably are buying the necessary for school supplies. During this exciting for children experience you can add a lot of enthusiasm and positivity to the entire experience.

Avoid going through long lectures. Keep it short by asking them questions of how they feel about this transition. Let them speak openly about their fears and anxieties without any judgement.

Your children need a lot of reassurance about safety, about socializing with no fear and embrace back the school life they knew.

Assure your children that going back to school doesn’t mean that you as a parent will not be there for them. Be proactive in those conversations and remain calm, kind and reassuring.

When children realize that you really care about their feelings a lot of their stress will evaporate.

  • Create a plan about the first period at school until your children adjust.
  • When you drop them at school keep the goodbyes short and positive.
  • Remind your children that you will return at the appropriate time to pick them up and that you will be there for them.
  • Do not procrastinate leaving.
  • Keep the same routine daily until your children get accustomed to their new routine.
  • Be on time to pick them up to enforce the feeling of security
  • Always be open to discussions about their days at school and their experience adding a flair of humor and fun.

In conclusion it will take time and every child is different. Do not get discouraged if your children do not respond instantly. When you remain positive and you listen without judgment this will release the friction and the situation will improve significantly in a short period of time.

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