How to achieve Big Goals without getting Burned Out

For a couple of days now I am thinking that every year we start with a blast! We are looking to accomplish more, improve, lose weight, save money, declutter the house, eat heathy, drink more water and the list goes on.

The truth is that even if we have the best of intentions all those things will not happen by magic. So when the enthusiasm expires all of our goals go aside to this mental clutter box.

That may seem innocent but it isn’t. If you are feeling this constant heaviness or the lack of motivation, the sense of failure or even depression there are things that you have buried deep inside.

By February the overwhelming majority of us will return to our own old routines. But as they say “nothing changes…if nothing changes”

As I was thinking that for my self ( I am not an exception you know)  I posted on Instagram a quote that reads…”Take things at your own pace”.

So I have decided to make a list of things I want to accomplish this year and start working towards them using baby steps.

For example. Can I work every day in the 3 most important things for me and my business? I am trying to keep that….This decluttering project I am going to deal with it later in the week or latest by the last weekend of the month.

Everyday I am monitoring how close I am with my goals and my priorities. Even though I had a goal to balance back my bank account…some urgent purchases move me backwards. It feels annoying but I have decided that instead of one “non spending” month I am going to challenge myself with 3 “non spending” months.

The bottom line of my article is that whatever you do to improve your life do it from a point of kindness and self-love. It will work much better and it will bring you more joy and fulfillment.

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Thank you for your time :-) 

Much Love