A Little Bit of Lydia

Hello Bosses! I am so glad you are here! I am Lydia and I am your biggest cheerleader.
As a married woman with nine cats and a husband to look after, a Social Media Marketing business and a part time "job" as a journalist, I know how challenging can be to have an organized structure in your life.
I can recall the time, not long ago, that everything was a mess. It wasn't that I was not working hard to keep my personal business, my job and my house in order. It was that I didn't have put in place organization systems that will support my daily life.
In 2018 I have discovered the "magic" of planning ahead and I was obsessed with this new idea.
Don't get me wrong. I was always had what we call a "To Do List". But I never had a planning system.
As new to planning I fall for all these shiny objects, the stickers, the markers, the stencils, the complicated and bulky journals.
To discover pretty soon that planning started to become another burden. I didn't had the time to sit calm for one hour or so to schedule my week.
I couldn't afford to spare this time.
So pretty soon, my draws were cluttered with all the "planning" essentials I have purchased.
So I thought to myself that must be another way! A better way! A simpler way.
That made me create my own planners, journals, and budgets that worked for me as they were simpler, yet effective to follow and keep.
So here I am hoping that I can offer you a bit of hope and peace of mind and some more extra time to spend in the things you are feeling joyful about.